Established in February 2009, Amaranth Foundation evolved in response to an identified need in rural and regional communities for an organization to discover and respond to the social, emotional, psychological and existential needs of people living with a life limiting illness, their families and care givers.

We understand that living with a serious, chronic or life limiting illness means living with uncertainty. So often we hear people say that they felt that life was like a roller coaster, that life was now so uncertain, that they didn’t know what support they could access, and that they wanted to have real conversations about death and dying without worrying their family members.

Amaranth’s model of care is integrative “wrap around care”.  It recognizes that not just one person or one profession can offer all the supportive care needs of each individual, their family and their caregivers. A multidisciplinary team of key health professionals working together with other services and therapies under a trans-disciplinary philosophy, are coordinated and maintained through the individual’s care journey and continue to support the family in bereavement.  The care is focused on the needs of the individual.  This model of care is unique to Amaranth Foundation. The integration of the skills and philosophies of palliative and mental health social work; psychosocial care, grief, loss and trauma counselling, and end of life care is not available anywhere else in Australia. Clients are given the gift of choice as to their life decisions; they regain the power to make decision concerning their life outcomes.

The Amaranth Advanced Chronic Illness & Palliative Care Program

Amaranth Foundation clinicians provide therapeutic and psychosocial support for people, their family and caregivers, coping with advanced chronic and terminal illness. It does not matter what stage you are at; whether you are in the initial stages of your diagnosis, needing support along the way, or perhaps needing support in the final stages. We work with your family to help them understand the impact of loss and change in a life journey and to develop strategies and resources to help them adapt to change and find resolution. Amaranth gives you the gift of choice as to your life decisions; you regain the power to make decisions concerning your life outcomes.

Funding for this program provides a qualified professional mental health trained Social Worker and a “Patient and Family Support Worker” to work with individuals living with an advanced illness (such as cancer, heart failure, kidney disease, lung disease, dementia and neurological illnesses).