Amaranth Foundation

Who are we

Established in February 2009, Amaranth Foundation evolved in reposes to an identified need in rural and regional communities for an organisation to discover and respond to the social, emotional, psychological and existential needs of people living with a life limiting illness, their families and care givers.

We understand that living with a serious, chronic or life limiting illness means living with uncertainty.

Amaranth Foundation clinicians provide therapeutic and psychosocial support for people coping with advanced chronic and terminal illness.

What makes us different?

Amaranth’s model of care is integrated “wrap around care”. It recognises that not just one person or one profession can offer all the supportive needs of each individual, their family and their caregivers. An integrated team of key health professionals and other services and therapies, are coordinated and maintained through the individual’s care journey and continues to support the family in bereavement.

This model of care is unique to Amaranth Foundation.