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Wellness isn’t just about physical and mental well-being.

There are 7 different dimensions of wellness, which should all be addressed in the workplace.

These are: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical well-being.


Social Wellness
the ability to relate and connect with other people – at work, at home, and in our communities maintaining and building positive relationships that add value to your own and other people’s lives.

Emotional Wellness
The ability to accept ourselves and learn to cope and deal with challenges and obstacles that life, work, communities and relationships bring.
The ability to identify how you are feeling and why; it is about acknowledging and effectively channeling anger, fear, sadness, stress, hope, love, happiness, frustration.

Spiritual Wellness
This is our ability to establish harmony, to develop mindfulness, and to have a sense of being satisfied and fulfilled and by aligning our values, thoughts, behaviour and actions;
It is having a guiding set of beliefs, principles and values that give you meaning, purpose and direction in your life.


Environmental Well-being
This is being aware of nature, the environment and your immediate surroundings. It relates to protecting the environment and protecting yourself from environmental hazards – as much as possible.

Occupational Well-being
This relates to your ability to feel fulfilled with your job and your chosen career path, whilst integrating a positive balance between work and your private life

It is contributing to and being able to work in a work environment that is conductive to good health, productivity, professionalism, and preventing work related illnesses.


Intellectual Wellness
This relates to being able to have and enjoy creative and stimulating mental activities. It is about being open your mind to new ideas, and experiences that can benefit both your work and personal life. Intellectual well people have a desire to learn and apply new concepts, improve your existing skills, and to seek new challenges.

Physical Wellness
This relates to being able to take care of our bodies, so that our bodies can function properly and optimally. It includes exercise and nutrition.
Physical wellness is about being able to complete daily activities without experiencing extreme fatigue, physical stress, and avoiding destructive habits – such as using drugs, excessive alcohol or tobacco, and sedentary behavior.