Amaranth Community Services is delighted to be part of the Federation Council Festival of Fun for Kids, Saturday 20 May at the Corowa Race Club from 1pm-5pm where we’ll be highlighting our counselling services for children and young people aged from four to 25.

Growing up has always been a tricky business, but navigating the many stages of childhood, adolescence and young adulthood can be even more demanding for some. It’s a time of rapid physical, emotional and mental development.

While many children and young people have a great sense of connectedness with family and friends it can also be a time of isolation and alienation especially for teens and young adults as they are faced not only with their own expectations but also the expectations of others. Developmentally the brains of teens are very vulnerable to environmental and biological stress that can have dramatic consequences.

For children, working through issues and experiences from everyday worries through to bereavement – the death of a grandparent or break up of a family – is important for their future development as a healthy person.

In our regional area ensuring parents and those who look after our children and young people have access to services that in some instances can be lifesaving, is vital.

Sometimes, just starting the conversation and using active listening can start to unwrap the issues for a child, adolescent or young person. Active listening is where the counsellor or therapist listens with all of their senses and responds using verbal and non-verbal cues to help identify the underlying issues behind responses and behaviours.

Importantly, children should be allowed to ask questions, be given timely, clear and direct information and the opportunity to make decisions for themselves.

For the teen, counselling can help in some of the challenges of transitioning into adulthood including leaving school, study beyond secondary school and moving away from home – a reality for many of our young people who move away to study or for work.

At the heart of all of Amaranth’s services is our unique model of wrap around care. In working with children and young people this acknowledges that each child and young person is individual, and that no one model of intervention or supportive care is suitable for everyone.

Accessing the services of our accredited mental health social workers starts with a referral from your GP. Working collaboratively with other services and health practitioners underpins the way we work.

Amaranth also has available clinical nutritionist, Rebecca Moore. Links between diet, physical and mental health wellbeing are being proven again and again through clinical studies.

Come and visit us at the Festival of Fun for Kids.

Our services are available for people living within an hour’s drive of our Corowa Counselling Centre, 57 – 64 Redlands Road, Corowa and the Health and Wellbeing Centre, 46 Peter Street, Wagga Wagga.

For more information on our counselling services for children and young people email
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