Primary Health Care Research and Information Service (PHCRIS) Conference : Canberra 8 -9th June 2016.

PHCRIS organises the annual Primary Health Care Research Conference – a major event in Australian primary health care research, to present research findings, discuss research methodology and policy issues, and build and maintain essential networks between researchers, practitioners, policy makers and representatives of consumer organisations. The theme for 2016:  Reform and innovation in PHC policy and practice, guides presenters to demonstrate ways in which their work and expertise contributes to innovative, policy-relevant, priority-driven research.

Julianne Whyte, as part of Amaranth’s consortia commitment to the Listen Acknowledge Respond research project presented on research undertaken across the rural communities of the Murrumbidgee region for people living with advanced chronic and terminal illness.

PHCRIS 2016 Conference_2

Poster Presentations at the Primary Health Care Research Conference Canberra 2016.

The trial found symptom management typically took precedence in palliative care, with MH referrals occurring late in the disease trajectory when they are acute or crisis driven, missing an opportunity to enhance quality of life while there was still life to be lived. Trans-disciplinary teams with specialist knowledge in adapting traditional mental health interventions provided better outcomes for palliative care patients. Participants reported they valued the psychosocial support provided, their distress had been greatly reduced, and their coping in the bereavement period enhanced.

Read the abstract of the study here.