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Social Work & Supportive Care

Living in difficult circumstances can be debilitating and requires support from a range of services. Integrated social work and supportive care is provided by Amaranth for the individual, their family and caregivers. Help includes the coordination of services together with the provision of practical and emotional support.

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Therapy & Counselling

To varying degrees and over different life stages, most people experience some form of stress,anxiety, conflict, life crises or trauma. Amaranth therapists and counsellors have a breadth of experience and are trained in a wide range of therapeutic modalities in assessing and working effectively to help the individual develop strategies to manage or work through problems and improve their quality of life.

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Wellness Programs

Experiencing improved quality and vitality of life enables people to form positive relationships, use their abilities to reach their potential and deal with life’s challenges. To develop these skills, at Amaranth we provide guidance and experiences to enhance an individual’s sense of wellbeing, confidence and self esteem.

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Palliative Care and End of Life Care

Patients that are dying are not just dying – they are also living. Whether or not they have the opportunity to live this final human experience to the fullest , each in their own way, is influenced in great measure by those that take care of them.
Values are principles and attitudes that provide direction to everyday living. They are beliefs or standards considered desirable by a culture, group or individual. (AASW)

Amaranth Foundation holds the values and ethics of the AASW as its core standards and values. These values and ethics guide our practice. They help ensure that the people we work with know that Amaranth staff will always endeavour to act ethically and in accordance with these values and standards.

Five values, together with their underlying principles, inform social work practice (AASW Code of Ethics, 2010).
Human Dignity and Worth – each person has the right to well being, self fulfilment and self determination, consistent with the rights of others;
Social Justice – basic human needs, equitable distribution of resources to meet needs, fair access to public resources, individual/community rights, equal treatment and protection under the law, social development;
Service to Humanity – to meet personal and social needs and enable people to develop their potential; and
Integrity – values honesty, reliability and impartiality in practice.

Amaranth Foundation Model of Care is founded on a comprehensive literature review together with years of research and clinical services to many hundreds of individuals and many more family member and caregivers, living in the Riverina, with advance chronic or terminal illness. An integrated supportive model of health and well being has been developed.

Psychological distress in people with terminal illness is generally under recognised, under diagnosed and under treated. The right supportive help can and does make a difference to how people make sense of what is happening and can help reduce their anxiety about the uncertainty and chaos that they may be feeling.

The principals by which Amaranth Foundation operates include:-

  • Extensive and consistent research based on assessment, reflection & action leading to quality improvement in the provision of our services;
  • Strong leadership with a clear consumer focus;
  • A skills based board with a passion for innovation.
Amaranth Foundation offers integrated wrap around supportive care to all ages; young children to the elderly; singles, couples and families; relationships and groups; all seeking help and guidance in coping with stress, change and uncertainty in their life.

Our services include:

  • Counselling & therapy for all ages;
  • Help to improve the quality and vitality of your life;
  • Strategies associated with Mental Health;
  • Identifying and coping with grief, loss and trauma;
  • Guiding the hard discussions associated with palliative and end of life care; and
  • Coordination of practical services to support caring for someone with an advanced chronic and terminal illness.

Five Areas of Expertise

Grief, Loss, & Trauma
Mental Health Issues
Children and young people counselling
Improved vitality and quality of life
Palliative and end of life care

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